Discover My #1 Tech IPO For 2021

Alexander Green
| Chief Investment Strategist | The Oxford Club

Alexander Green

All you have to do is show up when the markets open to learn more about Alex Green’s #1 Tech IPO for 2021.





The event is live!

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Going Live Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day.

At 9:30 a.m., opening bell, I will be making a special broadcast on my #1 Tech IPO of 2021.

So clear your schedule.

Tape a little note to your computer.

Set a reminder alarm in your phone.

As soon as the markets open, I’m going live on camera to tell you about the single greatest IPO of 2021… possibly ever.

The world’s most famous investors are in it. I’m talking about billionaires like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman and even the famous founder of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett.

It’s all pointing to the biggest IPO surge we’ve seen at The Oxford Club.

This is something I’ve never shared with anyone… and I may never share it again if we really blow it out and have thousands of folks sign up.

So don’t miss it.

Your spot is already reserved – it’d be a shame to forfeit it to someone else.

During the summit, I’ll reveal how it’s possible to make a life-changing gain with a single great IPO.

Take this IPO for a cloud company called Salesforce for example.

It’s up nearly 6,000% since it IPO’d in 2004.


Turning every $5,000 into $300,000 today.

Tesla’s done even better. Since it IPO’d in 2011, it’s returned an incredible 17,000% gain…


Turning every $5,000 invested into $850,000 today.

Or look at Amazon. It IPO’d in 1997 and went on to return 120,000%.


Turning every $5,000 invested into $6 million.

These are incredible gains… but I’m confident my #1 Tech IPO could be the next tech giant of the decade. Even a fraction of these gains would be life-changing.

I hope you’re excited… because I sure am.

It all starts at 9:30 a.m.

I suggest you arrive a few minutes early if you can to That way you already have the webpage loaded up and ready to go.

Think of it as having the pregame on before kick-off… that way you don’t even have to change the channel.

Don’t worry, I’ll shoot you a reminder message just in case you forget.

I’ll see you tomorrow.


P.S. If you haven’t signed up for my text alerts, I urge you to do so now… It’s free to sign up and easy. Just click here.

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